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Green loans for a sustainable purchases

Green loans can be used to fund the purchase and installation of energy efficient products. Solar panels and home batteries are among the products that a Green Loan may be approved for. Lowering your utility bills and doing your part for the environment is easier than you think. These companies offer competitive finance for your solar system and battery storage to suit just about everyone.

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Solar System finance

Fast track your sustainable home with the Brighte Green Loan
Get the latest energy-efficient lighting, or solar and batteries and you can not only help improve your home value but help reduce the costs of your electricity bill.

The Brighte Green Loan is made with our customers in mind!

A fixed interest rate! A fixed interest rate means, we won’t change the interest rate on you!

Fund purchases between $1k to $30K: Our fixed interest rate is the same, regardless of the amount you need to borrow

Repay over 2 to 7 years: You choose the loan term and repayment amount that works for you

Make additional repayments: We understand the benefits of making additional repayments. You can pay the Brighte Green Loan off quicker for no additional cost

Parker lane finance
Going green doesn’t have to cost the earth.
Lowering your utility bills and doing your part for the environment is easier than you think. We have Australia’s lowest unsecured green loan rates in Australia. And with terms ranging from 1 to 10 years and Australia’s highest rated application process, we’ve got a solar finance option to suit just about everyone.

Loan from $1000 - $100,000 without the need to secure against your home.

Additional repayments – use your cash and savings to save interest and repay your loan sooner.

Redraw additional funds paid when you want them. (Not available on all loans).

Use your cash and savings to save interest and repay your loan sooner.

Plenti finance
There’s never been a better time to apply for a renewable energy loan with a great rate.
Plenti green loans are powered by smart technology.
Loan amounts from $2k to $45k Choose to repay your loan over 3 – 7 years
Low $9.99  monthly fees / Make early repayments at no extra charge

Access your money online 24/7 via internet banking.

Flexible terms – choose the repayments that suit you.

Flexible terms – Choose the repayments that suit you. Choose to repay your loan in 1 to 10 years.


Step 1: Request to use the Brighte Green Loan

Brighte Partners are able to offer the Brighte Green Loan, we can help match you or contact your local vendor to find out if they offer the Brighte Green loan

Solar pricing

Step 2: Agree on a price with your vendor

and the products you are purchasing. Once you provide your consent to proceed, the Brighte Partner refers your contact details to Brighte.

Hassle free solar

Step 3: Complete your application

We send you the link to complete the application,. Once you provide all the required documents, you receive an outcome within 1 – 3 business days and your loan contract

Installation graphic

Step 4: Installation occurs and repayments begin!

Once the job is complete, Brighte will pay your vendor, this activates your Brighte Personal Loan and your repayments begin in 28 days!

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