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Complete solar system repairs & insurance support

Solar power is very reliable but on the rare occasion something goes wrong it can become dangerous. Our experienced team can make your premisis safe, locate the issue and repair your system. We can even speak directly with your insurer to help chase up any insurance claims.
solar panel cleaning

Solar System

One of the most common reasons for lost efficiency in solar systems is possibly the easiest to tackle with regular cleaning of your solar panels. Cleaning from the ground can only achieve so much so talk with our team to organise a one time or scheduled cleaning of your system.
solar performance testing

Solar Performance Testing

If you’re unsure if your solar system is performing to its best ability then contact our team for a solar system performance test. You could find there is a technical fault preventing you from seeing the full benefits of your solar system.
solar post installation inspections

Post Purchase Inspections

Essentially the same as your solar performance test but with a very specific circumstance, everything is new and not living up to expectation. If you’ve invested in a solar system that never meets the intended target this can be a real concern. If you find yourself in this position then we’re happy to help test and provide some advice on what to do.
AU Standards

Meeting Australian Standards

Part of the agreement to recieve solar credits is having a compliant solar system that meets Australian Standards. Additionally the Australian Standards for Solar systems are there for safety as much anything. Get our team to assess and organise any upgrades required on your solar system.
Solar Panels

Solar Panel Upgrades

Particularly if your inverter has unused capacity then upgrading your solar PV panels could be advantageous. Talk with our team to ensure you avoid common solar upgrade issues like incompatable hardware, negative FiT results (Feed in Tarifs) and disappointing financial results.
Solar Maintainance

Solar Maintenance

Our solar maintenance service is a one off or ongoing care program where we both clean and monitor your system’s output and efficiency. We check at different points in your solar systems design both on your roof and at the meter box for any issues.
Solar Notes

Solar System Inspections

An inspection is different to most of our services and tests in that it comes with a thorough report on the components, placement and condition of your solar system. The report comes with detailed information about any faults.
Solar Insurance

Insurance Claims

Our team of certified installers can visit your premises and provide a detailed report to your nominated insurance provider. Our team can ensure the property is safe and then provide your insurer a detailed report with our assessment of the claim. If your insurance claim is accepted we can streamline the process of removal, installation, reinstallation & getting you back up and running.

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