Why not install a PV off – grid system to power up my existing pump?

This does work but only to a certain degree. It cannot cover the costs properly. You would need a 4kw grid connect system and you will get close, but these are the main reasons it doesn’t quite do the job.

  • A typical pool pump consumes around 12kWh a day
  • A typical grid connects system produces say 4kWh per day for every kW of solar panels installed.
  • A typical grid connects systems exports around 25% of the power produced. Householders rarely consume all that is produced.
  • This means you need a 4kw system in order to produce on average 12kWh of usable solar power a day
  • Most of the solar power is produced between 10am and 2pm
  • Pool pumps run for 7 to 9 hours a day.
  • Before 10am and after 2pm the pump will consume more electricity than the solar system can produce
  • On heavy overcast days, the pump will consume more electricity than the solar power system can produce, all day
  • If you already have grid solar installed and you tamper with it, you risk losing the government feed in tariff. It is always a better solution to install a separate off grid pool pump.
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